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Today it is possible to have a driveway gate that is perfectly geared to fit your needs and routine perfectly. You may be away a lot and care about security, or you might be in and out of the house constantly and prioritize convenience. If you're tired of your old gate and are considering improving it with an upgrade, you may be intrigued by one or two of these possibilities. In addition to professional gate repair services we also offer replacements to all of your gate's parts.

Automatic Opener

Gate Opener Repair in WashingtonWhether you have a sliding or swing gate, there is wide range of gate openers that can be installed to make it automated. It is very important to purchase the correct model. Some opener packages are designed for professional installation while others are made to be more consumer friendly. Openers must be installed precisely otherwise they are likely not to function adequately. Drive chains will be strained if not adjusted correctly, and the motor will struggle if its output is not suitable for the gate you keep. 

Photo Eyes

Photo eye sensors transmit a beam from one side of the gate to the other. If the beam is disturbed the gate will be stopped or reversed. They are a safety feature designed to stop collisions. These are a handy tool if you have young family, pets, expensive vehicles or regularly receive guests. 

Smart Mobile Activation

If you have a habit of losing remotes and small gadgets, but are far better at keeping your mobile phone in safe keeping, this idea could be a lifesaver. Some modern gate openers will now connect with your tablet or smartphone through an app. With this feature you can operate your gate without having to leave the car or house. In many cases your mobile phone is the only device you are likely to keep on your person at all times, so it can prove incredibly practical. 

Expert gate repair and installation

Garage Door Repair Renton offers expert gate repair and maintenance services. Whether you have a malfunctioning automatic gate or manual design, we have the expertise to help fix it. We can advise on the best improvements to suit your requirements and circumstances. With the expertise to install any model of opener or contemporary upgrade.  Call us today for immediate consultation or to arrange a visit from one of our friendly technicians. 

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