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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Count on our expertise, excellent technical infrastructures and long experience

Here you will find the testimonials of our clients and their experience with our company

Satisfied with glass garage door

I am very fascinated with glass houses so I decided to get one at least for my garage. My friend recommended garage door repair Renton and so I called them. They offer good customer service and helped me choose the best type of glass garage door and even installed it correctly. I cannot explain how satisfied I am. The work was just perfect! They cleaned everything to make it look dashing and I felt I had the best garage in the neighborhood. I will definitely recommend them to everyone!

Great customer service from this garage company

Here’s a garage door company that offers the best customer service ever. I had spoken to a lot of people but I never felt so special before because they keep customers happy. Garage door repair Renton has professional and respectful staff and technicians. They are capable of creating a positive aura in any situation. I was so irritated when I called them because my door cables snapped but they still talked to me nicely and accommodated me well. They gave me assurance that everything will be alright and they did not let me down.

Excellence in all opener services

When it comes to garage door safety, I freak out just thinking that something would go wrong and someone from family could get hurt. So, I call your company for garage door maintenance. The techs of your garage door company had installed the opener some years back and since then they come for maintenance but also just to check the reverse system and the force limit of the door. I really like that they understand my anxiety, are on time and do a very thorough work. They have also given me some tips and I always appreciate their professionalism.

Replaced our broken hinges fast

“A couple of the hinges on our garage door snapped off last night and after looking the door over carefully I decided fixing it was way past my abilities so I called this company for help. What a relief to find the service technician was really experienced and knowledgeable. He went out of his way and took his time to show me that the problem was caused by a broken roller and the weight of the door had pulled the hinges apart. He really knew his stuff and repaired everything perfectly, and at a really fair price."

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